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A quick beginners guide on how to create a new blog post in WordPress!

Step 1: Log in to WordPress Go to yoursite.com.au/wp-admin and log in with your username and password.  You’ll then be taken to the WordPress dashboard. If you were already logged in, you’ll go straight to the WordPress dashboard without having to log in again. Step 2: Create a new post There are several ways to add a new […]

The 7 Principles of Influence

At the very top of the list of key models every marketer should know is the model known as the “Six Principles of Influence” or the “Principles of Persuasion.” In more recent times, the framework has been referred to as the “Seven Principles of Influence” owing to the fact that a 7th principle called “Unity” […]

How to Grant a User Access to Google Tag Manager

Why Choose Yakk Digital

Here is how to add a user to Google Search Console. Login to Google Tag Manager To add a user to your Google Tag Manager account, go to tagmanager.google.com, click the blue Start for free button, and sign-in to the proper email account. Once signed-in, verify you are in the correct Tag manager account by selecting […]

Top 8 SEO tips you can use in your business today!


SEO is a long term strategy that aims to improve your ranking on search engine results, such as Google.This is a great marketing strategy because it helps you connect with people who are actively looking for your product or service. This means more HOT LEADS which leads to MORE SALES! We have broken down each […]

A Lead Generation Landing Page, or Facebook Lead Campaign?


There is a fair bit of controversy around what is better, a customised landing page to capture leads, or the easy to use Facebook lead campaign? Within our agency, we have found both to be successful but let’s look at the pros and cons of both. Facebook Lead Generation. The Facebook lead generation is perfect […]

7 Ways To Increase Your Website Conversions

Conversion Tracking

Getting Traffic to your website is great… But if those visitors don’t convert into paying customers or at least a lead, then the traffic is pointless. I could send an endless supply of traffic to any of my client’s websites, but again, if it doesn’t convert, you may as well have zero traffic. So here […]

Why You Need to Use Google Ads in 2022

Google Advertisement 1

Google Ads is an online marketing platform that functions on the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model of advertising. As the name suggests, the platform is owned by Google and it is the Internet Giant that determines which ads are shown where and at what online real estate. In this blog post, we are going to present some […]

Why You Should Be Using Social Media!

Social Media

Everything in the world is advancing and evolving with technology. Online businesses are currently the business trend and must do the right way. There are many tools with social networks and other mass media that can expand your business. Social networks are advertising forms today, where you can publish and advertise your business. Whether it […]

5 Proven Tactics that Will Blow up Your Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

In the last few years, Instagram proved itself to be one of the best social media platforms in the entire world. Not only is it popular for sharing pictures as well as interacting with your friends and families, but it has turned out to be a serious selling, content marketing, audience building as well as […]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Adding an Admin on A Facebook Page


Whether it’s your page on Facebook or your brand’s, if you are looking forward to establishing your dominance, you’d be looking for someone (individual or team) to help you out during your journey. You might need someone to help you manage your Facebook page, create and edit content, run ads, interact with your followers. And […]