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Following & Unfollowing

The fastest way to get noticed on Instagram is by following an account. We do this for you based on targeting relevant to your niche.

By following users relevant to your niche, you're increasing the likelihood of a follow back!

Instagram Story Viewing

Viewing Instagram stories is an incredibly non-invasive, highly scalable way of growing your Instagram account.

We do the process for you, viewing hundreds of stories a day. You'll pop up in everyone's viewers list relevant to your niche, getting you followers faster.

Advanced Targeting

Your audience matters, so we make this a priority. We target accounts based on niche, size, location, activity, engagement and even gender.

With this, followers that you pick up are hyper-relevant and you access niche audiences you wouldn't usually be able to target.

Comment Liking

Yakk likes relevant comments on your behalf. By liking the engagement of a similar user, you get more followers!

Instagram Live Reactions

We also auto-post live-reactions to appear in the video feed of thousands of viewers at once.

Account Muting

We mute followers we've followed on your behalf, meaning your feed is always nice and clean without the random posts!

Extensive Hashtag Research

We go beyond basic hashtag functionality - our hashtag research not only lets you seek out new followers based on their interests, but we also use long-tail hashtags to really give your targeting a boost.

Advanced Parameters

We let you take one step further in your targeting with advanced parameters. We optimise your existing targeting settings by adjusting exactly who we engage by using 6 different account reference points.

Daily Optimisation

We keep your account on its toes with intelligent performance data.

Improvements are made based on historical datasets, industry information, and more - to provide you with optimised improvements over time, ensuring you continue to get better & better results.

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