17.1 million Aussies are on Facebook...

Get leads "Begging to buy" each and every month.

With so many Australians on Social Media every day, you'd be silly to miss out such an opportunity!
If you aren't using social media, these buyers are begging your competition instead...
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Are you losing leads to your competition?

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways of marketing your business.
79% of Australians are using social media, 15 million Australians log in to Facebook every month.
If you aren't tapping into this massive GEM then you're most likely losing leads and sales to your competition...
Yakk can use social media platforms to directly target clients more likely to use your business. Social media marketing is 70% more cost-effective than other forms of advertising, increasing the ROI for business owners.

Get a torrential downpour of prospects that are just waiting to buy from you!

Facebook trumps any other social media channel when it comes to peoples buying and spending choices!
When we tap into the endless amounts of data Facebook can provide us, not only do you immediately get access to over 17.1 million Australians but also a highly targeted prospect which is ideal for optimum ROI.
Let our team show you how well a targeted Facebook Ad Campaign works when we target things like, gender, age, interests, location and what pages they have "liked" (plus more!).
We use all this data and then optimise the results even further from there to target your ideal audience plus the audience you don't even know you need, because we reach them before they even know they need you! Therefore, we can grab them before your competition does.


The Proof's In The Pudding

This is a campaign we ran for a client recently to help build brand awareness... (28 Day Campaign)

He's now filled to the brim with new clients!

Look at that Reach 👇👇 Up over 117,775%!

Post Engagement is up over 503,240%

And over 1,000,000 impressions (up 188,981%!)

All with a budget of only $2,254!!!

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Just in case the above results weren't enough proof...

Here's a little more!

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Social Capture 24.09.19.PNG
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Claim Your Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

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Free Strategy Call


First, book in your FREE strategy session with one-off our Digital Sherpas.
We'll analyse your business, crunch some numbers and see if there are any "Key Points".
From there we'll come up with a custom plan for maximising your leads and sales through Facebook.
We'll even walk you through how to reach your target audience and what you can do to get them frothing at the mouth wanting more. (Usually, we charge $1000 or more for this, but it's your for free as a friendly introduction for first-time clients)

We Take The Reins


When you want to put your hard-earnt efforts into building your business, you can hand us the reins and we'll start creating awesome campaigns on Facebook that will start driving massive amounts of traffic, leads and of course, sales, all within the first week!

Skyrocket Revnue


Once we've created your successful Facebook Ad campaign, you can start to rely on a predictable stream of leads of buyers begging you to buy! This helps you scale, build brand awareness, expand your reach and build authority in the industry.
And what's better than a herd of buyers knocking down your door wanting to buy from you?
(The answers nothing 😉)
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Targeted Marketing

Whether you have chosen us to manage your businesses online content or to create it in-house, we can put that content in front of the right audience with our targeted marketing. 


Deciding what to post about for your business is tricky enough, let alone writing it effectively to grab potential clients attention. We will write comprehensive content that leaves a lasting impression on your followers.

Content Distribution

Distributing your content across your social media platforms at the right time is key, we can manage your content to be released at key times to increase its reach!

Promotional Videos

We have a large range of professional marketing videos waiting to have your brand on them. We can create captivating marketing videos that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Brand Experience

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FREE Report Contains


How to build 100,000 followers in 45 days or less!

For a business to get over 10,000 followers was previously a pipedream...

Until now... We've 10X'd that and in this report, you'll find out exactly how I built my following to over 100K!

[Knowing this will position you as an authority in your marketplace and a force to be reckoned with!]


Claim Your Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

And Get More Than $1000 Worth Of  Advice!

What People Say

We are very active in the Google review space but at times it can be time consuming and a slow process. This system takes away all the hard work, mantime and stress of this vital process and ensures we always rank highly in google searches which is critical to our business. Game changer .

Mark Guthrie - CEO, Ray White Cranbourne & Cheltenham

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