Make your social media "pop" with professional posts.

We create and post fully custom content for your business while you sit back and relax.
We create and post fully custom content for your business while you sit back and relax.
We create and post fully custom content for your business while you sit back and relax.


Dear Business Owner,

We love helping businesses grow!

In fact, we've helped 100's of businesses grow already.

We've helped so many we've almost hit our capacity!

What I mean by this, is we can only service so many clients before we hit our max...

If we took on many more at this point, we'd be sacrificing the quality of work we do for our existing clients.

Because we aren't your typical digital marketing agency, our work is a LOT more in-depth...

We're Australia's leading Digital Marketing Agency.

Now, I know what you're thinking... 

"Why are we the leading Agency?"

Well, the biggest difference is one (very) major thing!


We don't just set and forget your campaigns...

We only work with select clients and produce them with results that can change a business like night and day!

And as we love to say...


We challenge the Status Quo of regular marketing and put a spin on it that turns $1 in $3, $50, or even $227!

Ultimately, we Do Things Differently...

Just as a Yaks live at the highest altitude of any mammal.

We take our clients to new heights they have never experienced before!


Brand Experience


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The Proof's In The Pudding

This is a campaign we ran for a client recently to help build brand awareness... (28 Day Campaign)

He's now filled to the brim with new clients!

Look at that Reach 👇👇 Up over 117,775%!

Post Engagement is up over 503,240%

And over 1,000,000 impressions (up 188,981%!)

All with a budget of only $2,254!!!

Just in case the above results weren't enough proof...

Here's a little more!

FREE Report Contains


How to build 100,000 followers in 45 days or less!

For a business to get over 10,000 followers was previously a pipedream...

Until now... We've 10X'd that and in this report, you'll find out exactly how I built my following to over 100K!

[Knowing this will position you as an authority in your marketplace and a force to be reckoned with!]


Tales Of Sales Podcast

View our latest episode of the podcast Tales Of Sales.

I started the Tales of Sales podcast with one clear mission; to teach everyone I can reach that they are all in sales, whether they know it or not. 

Join me, Broden Johnson, as I interview guests from different backgrounds each week to hear their Tales of Sales.

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Start your own Podcast!

Having a Podcast is amazing! (and amazingly simple... when you know how!)

What People Say

We are very active in the Google review space but at times it can be time consuming and a slow process. This system takes away all the hard work, mantime and stress of this vital process and ensures we always rank highly in google searches which is critical to our business. Game changer .

Mark Guthrie - CEO, Ray White Cranbourne & Cheltenham

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Our Story

My name is Broden Johnson, the Founder and Head Digital Sherpa of Yakk.


I'll keep this brief because the chances are you came to this website to learn more about marketing, how to scale your business and get herds of new clients screaming at you to do business...

Not about me or my company...

If you do want to know more, go here... (And thank you for showing interest!)

I started Yakk just a little over 3 years ago from my bedroom, with less than $50 to my name...

I was the sole earner for my family (I have 2 kids under 5 and a beautiful wife)

So, long story short, I had to make this work!

I cold-called businesses until I had enough money to put into marketing...

Fast forward to today and I've grown the team, moved into a awesome office space and we now work with 100's of Australias greatest businesses and brands.

Our motto is:

Do Things Differently!"

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here's what some of our awesome customers have to say about us!

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