Find out how a Yakk can deliver unprecedented results, you've never even imagined.

Quick Fact...
Yaks live at the highest altitude of any mammal.
Yeah, it gets lonely here at the pinnacle of digital marketing too...
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Dear Business Owner,
I'm Broden Johnson, Founder of Yakk.

I've worked in the trenches for close to ten years within various sales and marketing roles ranging from Telephone Sales, Real Estate, Car Sales, Digital Marketing and finance plus more!

I began my sales career in a call centre. Learning sales techniques the hard way, making over 1 Million Cold Calls, eventually, I went on to run my own call centre, which generated millions of dollars in sales in just a few years.

At age 21, I was personally making an excess of $1.2 Million.

Unfortunately, that business all came crashing down because of a bad business partnership.

And it was a couple of years later I founded Yakk (which was a little over 3 years ago), from a bedroom in my rented house.

At the time, I had less than $50 to my name...

I was the sole earner for my family (I have 2 kids under 5 and a beautiful wife)...

In other words, the pressure was on.

If I didn't make this work, we may have been kicked to the curb from our rented house.

So I did what I knew best...

Cold Calling!

After making 100+ phone calls on my first day, I snagged my first client! 

Fast forward a few years and I've grown my team and we're now working with hundreds of businesses generate massive results.  

I also run several other businesses including a Sales & Marketing Company, which you can check out here:


We do things differently

We aren't an agency that just 'does' marketing...
We live and breathe this sh*t!
I've personally built several businesses directly from sales and marketing...
We actually implement what we preach!
In the last 3 years, we've grown from just me, sitting in a bedroom cold calling businesses to a much larger team, managing accounts from 100's of the best business in Australia.
We don't plan on stopping there...
We're on a mission to become the largest and most unique digital agency in Australia within the next 5 years...
And we're GOING to achieve this by doing 3 things...
1. Achieving unprecedented results that no other digital marketing agency has ever done (and we can because we do things differently...)
2. Doing Step 1 again...
3. Drinking lots of coffee 🤣

Your one-stop-shop for all digital marketing...

You really have 2 choices...
1. You can scour this website for all the information you need to run a killer digital marketing strategy (we literally give it all away for FREE in our reports you can download)
Information is great, but unless you have an awesome team who is prepared to put the blood, sweat and tears into then crafting that into something amazing, you'll most likely have to start hiring new staff...
Which will start to add up quickly...
2. You have us manage the whole thing for you for a fixed monthly fee (which is nothing compared to the results we are generating for our clients)
The other added bonus is that we have already done it all before...
We've worked with most niches and know how to implement the 'stuff' that works, meaning, we can save you the years of trial and error we've already been through.

Either way...

Before you decide, we'd love to offer you a FREE 30-minute strategy session where one of our digital sherpas will guide you through what we see as the best marketing strategy for your business.
In the call, we'll dive deep into what your business is doing and where it's going so we can go over a strategy with you that'll get the most success.
This call is 100% free and all the info we discuss will give you a clear idea of what you can do immediately to start to see a torrential downpour of new customers flocking to do business with you.
No 'Catch' or 'Strings Attached' we do this for FREE as a new first-time customer to us.


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Brand Experience

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For a business to get over 10,000 followers was previously a pipedream...

Until now... We've 10X'd that and in this report, you'll find out exactly how I built my following to over 100K!

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What People Say

We are very active in the Google review space but at times it can be time consuming and a slow process. This system takes away all the hard work, mantime and stress of this vital process and ensures we always rank highly in google searches which is critical to our business. Game changer .

Mark Guthrie - CEO, Ray White Cranbourne & Cheltenham

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