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A Copywriting Playbook – 62 Ad Copy Ideas

Could you use something good this year?

This is a free “Copywriting Playbook.”

62 ad copy ideas and headline examples.

Pretty good for brainstorming.

  1. NUMBERS AND FIGURES – 5 Easy Ways to Add $50,000+ to Your Property Price For Under $1,000.
  2. HOW TO / STEP-BY-STEP How to Tie a Tie: Simple 7-Step Guide for Beginners.
  3. TOP MISTAKES – Top 10 Mistakes Made by Rookie Real Estate Investors.
  4. FAST FIX – Get Rid of a Headache in 5 Minutes Flat!
  5. DID YOU KNOW Did you know: most people brush their teeth the wrong way?
  6. FAQ – The 7 Most Common Questions Australians Ask About Home Loans and Refinancing.
  7. MYTH – MYTH BUSTING: 3 Big Lies About Remote Working That Won’t Die.
  8. INSIDE SECRETS – The Ugly Truth: A Skincare Insider Unveils 5 Deceptive Packaging Tactics Widely Used in the Beauty Industry.
  9. TRUE OF FALSE – True or False? Online dating is more effective than traditional methods.
  10. HACKS – 10 Genius Photography Hacks That Instagram Models Use.
  11. SUCCESS STORIES – Joe Saved $42,000 on His Home Loan By Switching Banks.
  12. BEST CASE EXAMPLES (BCEs) – The One Move That Helped Lisa Pay Off Her Mortgage 10 Years Early.
  13. EXAMPLE FEST – 13 Times You’ll Wish You Had Renter’s Insurance: 1. Someone steals your bike. 2. A fire burns your wardrobe. 3. Someone steals your TV. 4. Your engagement ring gets stolen …
  14. TESTIMONIALS – “You might think they’re just sunglasses but they have completely changed my life.”
  15. PRODUCT REVIEW – What’s It Like to Use the Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner?
  16. PAIN POINT – Overwhelmed by A Gazillion Smartphone Options? How to Choose The One.
  17. EYE CATCHER –🚨LIMITED TIME 🚨 Get 50% Off eLearning Courses.
  18. EYE WATERER – What is the total cost (per year) of every failed sales pitch you make? $1M? $10M? $100M?
  19. STAT LEAD – Costly Complacency: 77% of mortgage holders may be overpaying by not shopping around on their home loan, according to Canstar’s “Consumer Pulse Report.”
  20. FUTURE FORECAST Fashion 2024: The Next Big Trends and Innovations.
  21. SMART PERSON QUOTE “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” – Elle Woods
  22. QUIRKY How to Dress Your Pet Lobster So He is Just the Cuuuuuetest Little Guy!!!
  23. RAGS TO RICHES – From Dumpster to Designer: How I Made My Fashion Dreams Come True.
  24. HATE A? TRY B – Hate shaving? Try this.
  25. ADDRESSING THE PROBLEM – Need to lose weight fast? Try this.
  26. ADDRESSING YOUR TARGET MARKET – Approaching retirement? Concerned about super? Need help?
  27. WHY WE CREATED OUR COMPANY – We created Soda Cycle because, as parents and conscious consumers, we were appalled by the damage single-use plastics were doing to the environment.
  28. STATING THE ISSUE – People are sick to death of hidden airline charges and fees.
  29. HI – Hi, I’m a bed. Want to see what’s under my sheets?
  30. LIKE A SERVICE YOU KNOW – It’s like having a personal chef for your meal prep.
  31. LIKE SOMEONE YOU KNOW – We want to do for gardening what David Attenborough did for wildlife documentaries.
  32. LIKE A LOVE CHILD – The ultimate automotive offspring: the new Mustang is like the result of an electric vehicle and a muscle car having a baby.
  33. VERB YOUR PRODUCT Worried “she” is a scammer? Worried “he” is married? “Quick Look” them.
  34. WHAT YOUR COMPETITION DOES WRONG – Tired of being stuck in wait queues?
  35. PROVOCATIVE QUESTION – Are you being ripped off by your telco provider?
  36. PROVOCATIVE STATEMENT – Why Every Personal Trainer Is Stretching Their Clients the Wrong Way.
  37. SEX SELLS – How Stretching Can Be Better Than Sex – A Stretch Expert Explains the Body’s “Tension Points.”
  38. ORDINARY JOB MADE INTERESTING The 7 Strangest Questions I Get Asked As a Financial Planner.
  39. INTERVIEW QUESTION – “What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you as a financial planner?”
  40. NEW TERM – A mattress designed for “Sweaty Sleepers.”
  41. NEW TREND – The Fitness Industry is Swapping Out Traditional Stretching For This New Method.
  42. UNDERDOG – This new Australian startup plans to beat the burger giants at their own game.
  43. INVITATION – Please help us improve patient health by sharing your candid thoughts – What’s the MAIN REASON why you avoid going to the dentist?
  44. READ THIS BEFORE YOU DO X – Don’t sell your home until you’ve read this new report.
  46. 3+ BENEFITS Get 1 month free, a $50 bonus voucher, and an additional 20% off if you refer a friend.
  47. MOVIE ANALOGY – Meet the real-life “John Wick” of the Australian criminal underworld. Book out now.
  48. CELEBRITY ANALOGY – Is Your Child The Next Einstein? Unlock Their Potential With Expert Tutoring.
  49. POP QUIZ HOTSHOT – Quick Quiz: Who Starred In More James Bond Films? Sean Connery or Roger Moore?
  50. MULTIPLE CHOICE – Why do you avoid the dentist: (1) Fear of Cost (2) Fear of Painful Treatment (3) Fear of Being Judged (4) Hassle of Going.
  51. SALARY / RATES – Go From $60-80/hr as a Personal Trainer to $120/hr as a Stretch Therapist.
  52. TEASER – Did you know a nice lawn can add 20% to the price of a property? Read 5 more tips.
  53. CHALLENGE – Think you could become a pro boxer? “You won’t last 10 seconds.”
  54. MYSTERY ELEMENT – I tried writing Facebook ads. I did not expect what I found.
  55. UTTER, HOPELESS DESPERATION – Please, please, buy my product. Just try it once. I swear it’s good. Please – I really need this. Come on, people, give ol’ Gil a chance!
  56. MY STORY – My name is Sam. I will teach you to speak Spanish in 3 weeks.
  57. THEIR STORY – This is Sam. He will teach you to speak Spanish in 3 weeks.
  58. THIS VS. THAT – Coffee vs. Tea: The Pros and Cons of Each Drink.
  59. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? – Refinance or Renegotiate? Understand What It Means For Your Home.
  60. BEFORE & AFTER – From C To A in 4 Weeks – Why Small-Group Tutoring Improves Your Child’s Maths And English Grades Better Than Any Other Method.
  61. REPETITION NO, NO, NO! Your Shoes Are CHEAP, UGLY, and absolutely HIDEOUS.
  62. ALLITERATION – Betty Botter needs “Better Butter” because Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said the butter’s bitter.



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