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The Dumb Dumb Heads Symposium For Thinking Smart

This might be a dumb question, but …

Why aren’t there more (any?) kick-ass self-development groups?

Do you know of any casual gatherings for like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs and growth-minded professionals (that aren’t exclusive clubs, cults, or business networking events)?

On the Gold Coast, I can’t think of any.

Does anyone know?

A few of us in the office got to talking (ok, complaining) about how difficult it is to find the right group of like-minds …

Sure, there are face-to-face groups …

There’s Toastmasters.

There’s books clubs.

There’s networking groups.

There’s mind-body spirit festivals.

There’s people who stand on the sidewalk and preach the end of the world.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel (totally) comfortable in those situations.

Jase is what I have in mind.

Jase is a 16-year-old aspiring entrepreneur who did work experience with us.

He’s driven.

He’s interested in success.

He’s set up a website selling refurbished bikes.

He’ll probably be a millionaire by the time he’s 25.

His favourite board game teaches people about money, cash flow, and financial freedom.

(It’s not Monopoly, but 5 points if you can guess it.)

Where does Jase meet like-minded people?


He just kind of has to figure it out – for himself, by himself.

Before I became the 2022 Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year (ahem) runner up, I started a lot of businesses and made a lot of mistakes along the way until I was a material “success.”

That success was built on the back of reading, learning, networking, going to speaking events, and lots (and lots) of cold calls – until I developed smarter systems.

The journey has been largely very lonely, and although I meet hundreds of new people every month, very rarely do I meet people like Jase.

I feel there’s probably many people (at all ages) who feel the same way, wondering the same thing:

“Where do I meet people like me?”

Recently, we started throwing around the idea of starting an informal “club” or “group” or “school.”

Something like a weekly 1-2 hour get-together where the Jasers of the world can kick around ideas in a relaxed environment without the usual BS business “fluff” that gets in the way.

What do you think?

Would you be interested in coming along (to something we haven’t really figured out yet and are just making up as we go)?

What would it be called?

My brilliant but distracted copywriter Theo has suggested, “The Dumb Dumb Heads Symposium For Thinking Smart & Talking About Good Important Stuff & Big Business Ideas Like Once a Week or Something Maybe & Jase Might Be There.”

(The name is negotiable)

What are some solutions?

Do you know of anyone who has set up a good group like this (anywhere in the world) that’s not essentially a cult, guru selling system, or a pyramid scheme?

Broden and the Yakk team