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Why You Need to Use Google Ads in 2022

Google Ads is an online marketing platform that functions on the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model of advertising.

As the name suggests, the platform is owned by Google and it is the Internet Giant that determines which ads are shown where and at what online real estate.

In this blog post, we are going to present some of the top benefits of Google Ads that your business should leverage in 2020. Online advertisers love Google Ads. Let’s figure out why.

Top Benefits of Google Ads Your Business Needs to Use in 2020

1. Spread the Word Out in Target Niche

If you are looking for an instant way to reach out to your target niche and make them know about your business, Google Ads will be your best bet. Businesses that have products people are searching for online, can create ads to show up in front of them. You can also focus on the users of other websites and increase the size of your target audience.

2. Way Better than SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) takes time. It might take months, sometimes years, to achieve the goals you have set out for your business using SEO. But, nothing can beat Google Ads when it comes to generating leads and sales online. If you want to get results quickly, you should go for Google Ads.

3. Get Online Users to Make the Desired Decision

Modern-day customers are smart. They do their research and only make a purchase when they are satisfied with what they have consumed about the product/service online. With Google Ads, you can influence the purchase decision of the potential customers by making them sail through your sales funnel. It streamlines the entire process of generating leads and also effectively categorises the sources of traffic, ensuring superior future marketing strategies and improved ROI.

4. Google Ads Enable ‘Test and Learn’

The world of online advertising is conquered by the one that believes in the power of ‘Test and Learn’. Google Ads allows advertisers to make multiple changes to the ad campaign and test the changes over some time to see if there are any positive effects on the campaign. This successfully removes all the guesswork as you will get to work with the data that the platform will provide you after every tweak.

5. Reach Right Audience at Right Time

You get to choose when and where you want to show your ads. No, it’s not beneficial to run ads 24/7. Every business is different and will have different products and niches to work with. By running a few campaigns in the initial testing period, Google Ads will provide you with the data that will help you decide the exact time and days of the week you should run your campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Google Ads is not a new advertising platform. It is one of the earliest forms of online advertising that doesn’t stop evolving. We highly recommend you invest a little in Google Ads to figure out if it works for your business.