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A Lead Generation Landing Page, or Facebook Lead Campaign?

There is a fair bit of controversy around what is better, a customised landing page to capture leads, or the easy to use Facebook lead campaign?

Within our agency, we have found both to be successful but let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

Facebook Lead Generation.

The Facebook lead generation is perfect for small business owners to set up and run their ads, it is easy to use and can be a bit more trustworthy for potential clients as they don’t have to leave Facebook. The downside to a Facebook Lead Generation is that you will have to manually log into your advertising accounts, into the individual ad campaigns and download a spreadsheet to see if you have a new lead. Of course most of the time Facebook will track the leads and you can see from the overview page but we have found that there have been some occasions where a lead may come through but not show up in the statistics of a campaign.

Another potential downside to this is the compulsory privacy policy. Facebook requires a business to have their privacy policy that must be linked to the lead form, although most businesses do have a privacy policy on their business website you would be surprised to know that a small portion of the business we work with do not, forcing a lead generation campaign to use a separate landing page.

Lead Generation Landing Page.

Whether you choose WordPress, Click funnels or the several other options available, creating a custom landing page to capture leads can often have a significant difference in your conversion rate, if done right!

Although time-consuming and often have subscription plans costing sometimes more than $100 a month, the customisation and overall look for these “Funnel” landing pages can be the make or break in a lead generation campaign. 

Another advantage of a customised landing page is the ability to have a direct message service for when leads are captured. This can make a significant difference in turning your leads into paying customers, as the time between the client entering in their details and the business reaching out to the client is significantly shorter.

Overall both different methods have their pros and cons, Facebook being the easiest to set up but taking more time to capture the information of the lead, meanwhile, a separate landing page takes more time to set up and configure, plus costing more money, however, can have a higher conversion rate and easier to capture the lead information.

If you were to build your landing page, our agency prefers and recommend using Click funnels.

It can cost more than the other options available however the custom URL to match your site, different templates available and easy to use make this our preferred choice.