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7 Ways To Increase Your Website Conversions

Getting Traffic to your website is great…
But if those visitors don’t convert into paying customers or at least a lead, then the traffic is pointless.
I could send an endless supply of traffic to any of my client’s websites, but again, if it doesn’t convert, you may as well have zero traffic.
So here are a few ways you can increase conversion rates on your website.
  1. When asking for information in an opt-in form, ask for as little info as necessary and keep it simple (silly). Name, email and phone number is standard but just have email is going to get better conversion then also asking for an email.
  2. Add a guarantee. This will lower your visitors’ action threshold and thus make them more inclined to convert. Anything that makes the decision ‘easier’ will help with this.
  3. Using Testimonials reduce the action threshold too. They do this by providing social proof. Ultimately, the more people that have received the desired result, the better. People tend to copy what others have already done. So, if someone else has already achieved those results then the visitor will assume they can as well.
  4. Headlines are super important. People have short attention spans and generally, when someone is looking at a site, they’ll be what I call skimming. Meaning, they are quickly looking over the site for keywords that stand out to them. Having appealing headings will capture the visitor’s attention and get them to read further. You should brainstorm at least 10 or more headings before sticking with the best.
  5. List the benefits. Just as headings are important, listing the benefits are too! People are quick to skim a webpage. Listing benefits will allow the visitors to see exactly what they’ll get quickly and simply.
  6. Have dedicated landing page/sales funnels for your ads! This one is so important. If you’re running an ad for product A then you should have a dedicated sales funnel for JUST product A. This page should have nothing else on it. It shouldn’t have about us pages or other services. Keep it simple (KISS!) You want that person to not get distracted by other buttons and CTAs. Keep the visitor looking at only the information you want them to be looking at.
  7. Use strong CTA’s (Call to actions) and keep them consistent. Let the visitor know exactly what you expect them to do.